Content management involves the organization, creation, editing, and publishing of various types of digital content, which can include text, images, videos, audio, and more.

The content needs to be high-quality, relevant, and engaging for the intended audience. This can involve a range of tasks beyond just writing, such as content strategy, SEO optimization, content promotion, and analytics tracking.

Marketers get their content from a variety of sources, depending on their goals and target audience. Here are some common sources:

1. Company website: Create content such as blog posts, landing pages, and product descriptions.

2. Social media: Use social media to distribute content, including posts, stories, and videos.

3. Email campaigns: Newsletters, promotional messages, and event invitations.

4. Industry publications: Contribute content to industry publications, such as white papers, case studies, and thought leadership pieces.

5. Collaborate with influencers to create content that promotes the brand or product.

6. User-generated content: Use customer reviews, testimonials, and social media posts, to create content.

7. Market research: Use market research, including surveys, focus groups, and customer interviews.