If you have a few spare minutes, then check out these short and inspirational marketing videos, we’ve found 5 of the best! Simple, surreal and humorous advertising campaigns that you should watch again to be inspired by the creative genius that can make things go viral!  SEE VIDEOS FURTHER DOWN

Old Spice – “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” (2010)
Actor, Isaiah Mustafa, stars as the “Old Spice Man”. Without breaking eye contact with the camera, he delivers rapid-fire monologues to the ladies, (humorously selling the advantages of their men wearing old spice) at the same time as moving through various surreal scenes (from a bathroom to a boat and finishes on horseback) and all in one continuous take! This is a really well produced ad that went on to win awards. After the initial release it went viral on YouTube…and Old Spice Red Zone Body Wash went on to double it’s sales!

Dollar Shave Club – “Our Blades Are F*ing Great” (2012)
The launch video featured founder Michael Dubin, performing a straight-to-camera monologue while casually riding on a forklift through the company warehouse making jokes about the simplicity of the product (razors) and likewise the business model. With a budget of only $4,500 and filmed in just a day, the video immediately went viral, crashing the company’s website almost instantly due to the influx of traffic. By the next day, Dollar Shave Club had 12,000 new subscribers, and within three months, the video had amassed over 4 million views.

Kmart – “Ship My Pants” (2013)
A retail department store advert to promote their new shipping service, this campaign played on the phonetic similarity between “ship” and a certain four-letter word. The commercial featured customers exclaiming their ability to “ship their pants”, and other items. At just a minute long, the ad was simple and with it’s naughty wordplay it made people smile and went viral in 24 hours. It is a much talked about advert in marketing magazines, and well worth a watch.

KFC – “FCK” (2018)
This was a UK ad campaign in response to a huge backlash from customers on social media about a nationwide KFC chicken shortage, which had led to many of their stores closing! They took out full-page apologies in The Sun and The Metro newspapers, with their brand letters rearranged on a cup with an apology below. They turned a PR disaster around with the play on FCK, followed up with more TV and social media coverage. The campaign was a success and KFC is still very popular.

Burger King – “Subservient Chicken” (2004)
This was a marketing campaign featuring a website where users could type commands and watch a person in a chicken suit obey. This bizarre concept which involved filming a person in a chicken costume acting out over 300 commands, and was designed to promote Burger King’s “Get chicken just the way you like it”. The website ran along side TV and print adverts which featured the Subservient Chicken. In the days before social media, this was pioneering and the website had 4 million hits within a year, with customers spending over 5 minutes on the site.

You can see all of the above on YouTube videos, just a quick but inspiring few minutes well spent!